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My Professional Work Skills

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My Professional Work History

Military Bank
Business Data Analyst Intern (Jan 2011 - Jun 2011)

• Design templates for a variety of Macroeconomic and Commodities Reports: Final ones used by the bank • Collect and analyze the policies issued by the Government and SBV that affect the financial and banking sectors • Analyze and forecast key macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, Inflation, Bilateral Exchange Rate and Interest rates • Maintain and update macroeconomic database • Adhoc reporting & analytics and perform other related duties as requested by Chief Economist

Ministry of Planning and Investment
Policy Analyst (Jun 2011 - Feb 2012)

• Review legislation and policies, evaluate the effects of existing policies, write policy commentaries • Research & report on a wide array of policy issues related to business registration management • Conduct quantitative & qualitative analysis using National Business Registration Database and publicly available datasets • Preparing written reports, analyses, commentaries, briefings, and memoranda for business registration management agenda • Build the systematic processes and administrative procedures for business registration • Perform adhoc duties and reports as assigned

National Economics University
Teaching & Research Assistant (Feb 2012 - Jul 2014)

• Teaching assistant at the Faculty of Economics, and research assistant at the Institute of Public policy and Management • Teaching assistant for the mini course of Applied Econometrics hosted by Asia-Pacific Institute of Management • Participate in the research projects of monetary and fiscal policies, economic growth and poverty in Vietnam • Support student management and prepare related training materials for the MDE program

F-Group Vietnam
Co-founder & Member of the Executive Board (Mar 2012 - Sep 2014)

• Build operational strategies, propose F-Group organizational structure, and develop Master Plan 2012 – 2014 • Design brand (vision, mission, core values, logo, slogan, website, etc.) & develop research database • Head of F-Research (2012-2013): Organize research groups, write policy commentaries, translate academic publications in the economics of free market from English to Vietnamese, run a series of academic debates and seminars, etc. • Spread F-Group values: Host activities related to free-training and knowledge-sharing courses (e.g., Guide to write academic articles and publish in peer-reviewed journals, Minicourses for application of statistical & econometric software in economics) • Community Activities: Member of Advisory Boards for Student Competitions in Economics and Policy • Build & develop F-Group Networks & adhoc duties

Vingroup JSC
Business Intelligence Analyst & Risk Manager (Nov 2014 - Feb 2016)

• Make periodical macroeconomic reports, risk management reports, and strategic business reports • Analyze and forecast macroeconomic indicators (e.g., exchange rate, inflation, interest rates), market supply & demand (e.g., total supply of apartments and condos, occupancy rate of hotels and resorts, rental and property prices) • Monitor and evaluate the impacts of macroeconomics and policies on the core business sectors of Vingroup • Analyze and manage market & macroeconomic risks, and design & build Risk Profiles for subsidiaries and consolidation • Design & build Proformas, Indexes, and KPIs/KRIs for subsidiaries and consolidation • Maintain, update and develop the Real Estate and Macroeconomic Databases for analyzing and researching purposes • Design surveys, build questionnaires, analyze and visualize the collected data such as consumer satisfaction and preference • Adhoc reporting data analysis and adhoc business intelligence analysis

Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
Research & Policy Analyst (2016 - 2017)

• Analyze and evaluate the impact of the world economy on Vietnam • Review macroeconomics, analyze fiscal and monetary policies in the Americas, focusing on the U.S. • Make America’s Economic Reports (monthly, quarterly, annually), focusing on the U.S. economy • Review macroeconomics, analyze fiscal and monetary policies in Southwest Asian economies, focusing on India • Review legislation and policies, write policy commentaries, and evaluate the effects of existing policies on bilateral trade between Vietnam and the Americas (focus on the U.S.) and Southwest Asian economies (focus on India) • Prepare written reports, analyses, briefings for policies and conferences • Join in policy-oriented research projects: [click HERE to see List of Projects and Grants] • Perform adhoc duties and reports as assigned

San Remo Macaroni Company
Data Collection Specialist & Production Operator (2018 - Mar 2019)

• Trained to operate the packaging line area including packaging robot, and to operate cartoning & palletizing robots • Gather and manage data inputs from the packaging line, packaging robot, and operate cartoning & palletizing robots • Identify robot programming errors and adjust robotic programs to keep the robot in properly operation • Identify robot errors, machine errors, and quality flaws to record them in paperwork • Small maintenance, and manual assembly of small parts using programs & handheld tools for change over products • Reading and understanding international work orders, making tickets and doing ticket transfers • Keep count of production and record all counts accurately to meet production targets for each job on each shift • Adhere to confidentiality procedures and policies when collecting, storing and sharing data • Adhoc duties and responsibilities as requires

Founder & Business Intelligence Head (2018 - 2019)

• Build business strategy, brand and develop business planning 2018 – 2020 • Conduct market research based on HiAIrobo products and services to determine target markets & maximize sales and profits • Design & build computer programs for collecting data, minimizing the cost of sales, setting prices, estimating sales and profits • Develop, host and run e-store using open source e-commerce platform, manage sales and customer databases, and integrate to the platforms such as Google Ads and Google Analytics to maximize sales. • Build & perform e-commerce marketing and advertising campaigns using Google Ads and social media (Facebook Ads, Zalo Ads), e-commerce platforms (Sendo, Shopee, Lazada), online publishing platform (Medium), and content marketing • Run affiliating marketing programmes (Amazon, Alibaba) and drop shipping business • Perform other duties and responsibilities

Viettel Group
Big Data Analyst (June 2019 - July 2019))

• Analyzing and mining large-scale structured and unstructured data sources to find key insights • Interpret data, synthesize results using statistical techniques and other Machine Learning data mining techniques • Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets • Collaborating with Data Scientist to extract a lot of user features from big data telecom streaming and social network data • Work with clients to analyze their data requirement and provide business & information needs • Perform other duties and responsibilities

FPT Group
Business Intelligence Specialist (Aug 2019 - Present)

• Designing research projects based on the request of the Department of Corporate Communication (Brand Health Check, Customer insights, Market Report, Competitive Report, etc). • Proposing data collection strategy, research methods suitable to each project • Collecting data from different sources, analyzing necessary data / reports and giving guidance to relevant departments (Marketing, Communication, etc.) in developing content strategies, approaching related entities (stakeholders)... • Coordinate with relevant internal units such as Marketing & Sales and Technology Department to update the Data Warehouse • Using BI tools to build Dashboards and Reports for owned media (Website, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) and ads campaigns. • Establishing data collection and analysis processes, developing data collection systems to optimize the efficiency and quality of statistics.

My Education Background History

  • 2007 - 2011
    BA in Economics
    National Economics University, Vietnam

    • Ranking: Credit | Overall GPA: 7.7/10 (equivalent to 3.1/4.0) |Credits: 191 ECTS • Dissertation: “The Identification and Measurement of Herding Behavior in the Vietnam Stock Market (9.5/10),” excellent dissertation on a research project that won two awards at both university and national levels • Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. To Trung Thanh, Ph.D.

  • 2013 - 2016
    MA in Economics of Development
    Joint Program between National Economics University (Vietnam) and International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

    • Overall GPA: 8.35/10 (equivalent to 3.34/4.0) | Credits: 41 ECTS • Thesis: “The Impact of Public Investment on Household Income and Poverty reduction: The case of Vietnam” (9.0/10) • Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Pham The Anh, Ph.D.

  • 2015 - 2016
    Certificate of Completed Studies
    Vietnam Center of Research in Economics, Management and Environment

    Intensive Course in Mathematics, Econometrics and Economics

  • 2018-2019
    Certificate of Completion
    Vicohub, IBM

    Fundamental and Advanced Data Science Courses, Hadoop, Spark, etc.

  • 2019
    Certificate of Achievement
    MVV Academy

    The Training Program "Media Communication In Digital Era"